Changing the Status Quo

  • Producers want to compete on an even footing without being dominated by larger corporations.
  • Your products will be associated with other credible products.
  • Access a scalable marketplace without the associated costs.
  • Be part of a commercial ecosystem with shared values and no limits.
  • Leverage off our marketing expertise.
  • Deal with a reseller with a simple commercial approach and no hidden costs.
  • We stock, ship and handle returns on your behalf.
  • Benefit from community base validation and fair feedback on your products.
  • Direct and transparent access to actual consumer insights, reviews and comments on your products.
  • All this will enhance your ability to adapt to your market.
Apply to sell on Hopestore

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What we look for in a product


As a minimum we expect full disclosure of ingredients for products we sell. This creates peace of mind for consumers and helps them make informed decisions.


Our quality criteria extends past the product ingredients. It also includes sustainable practice, local focus and a commitment that the product does what it claims. This translates into true value for money.

Ethical Trade

We believe it is possible for every contributor in the production lifecycle to benefit adequately from their effort and input. Our holistic approach to business changes the game, strengthen communities and empower producers.


At Hopestore quality and continuous improvement of products are valued and encouraged. We want to assist producers to reach their goals e.g. source more sustainable ingredients, become certified organic or diversify their product range through customer feedback etc.

Our vision for the Hopestore producer

  • Become part of a new commercial ecosystem that benefits every person at every stage in the process
  • Gain a growing understanding of the challenges and obstacles consumers face due to the current commercial system
  • Address and overcome external pressures through shared knowledge and support
  • Experience why hopestore is a better way to sell your products
  • Become one of our artisan, eco, sustainable, organic or niche producers
  • Participate in hopestore’s Producer Development Programme

  • Receive feedback and ratings of your products and brand
  • Differentiate yourself through our unique product classification and categorisation scheme
  • Become part of a focused user group to share ideas and experiences
  • Share your knowledge as a qualified/accredited/certified professional
  • Become an educational partner with hopestore
  • Inform your market through your interest group and subject matter expertise

  • Have access to a variety of informative and helpful books and documentaries
  • Gain knowledge through subject-related blogs and tutorials
  • Be informed about courses being facilitated in your area
  • Gain useful skills you can use as a producer
  • Obtain a clear picture of global trade, agricultural and environmental challenges and how to make a difference
  • Access research related to subjects that have an impact on sustainability and survival
  • Gain greater insight into development projects and community-orientated organisations

  • Use your skills, time or resources to help hopestore members
  • Inform others about the interest group or community group you are involved in
  • Benefit from insights gained through hopestore’s Consumer Programme, which helps consumers change their buying habits and make better choices