Wellington, New Zealand


The best for your best friend

They are part of the family and there is no reason to give them second best.


The best for your bundle of joy

Your new little person is a blessing and you want to give them the best. Making sure your little one is comfortable and well taken care of should not be complicated or expensive. Hopestore offers natural skincare, clothing, nappies, accessories and first foods that you can trust. If it contains or has been processed using any chemical, we let you know. Feel confident in choosing any of our range of natural and organic baby products.


Looking good shouldn't be at the expense of anyone else

What we choose to wear does not only make a statement about who we are, but also what we believe in. Every piece of clothing or accessory you purchase can influence someone else for better or worse. Be comfortable inside and out with Hopestore's range of ethical clothing and accessories. Bring beauty to the world by loving others as much as yourself.


Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it - Hippocrates

Whether you want a drink to hydrate, nourish or just enjoy, know how it can harm or heal your body. Get the most out of your liquids and avoid ingredients that are impure. Hopestore offers you drinks you and your family can enjoy with confidence


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

Once you understand how different foods affect your wellbeing you can reclaim your health. Learn how to think differently about eating. Nourish your body instead of just filling the gap. Be inspired to create meals that connect you to the people you love instead of being anxious about calories. Hopestore offers you pure food that will help you and your family thrive.


Make your house a home

Create a comfortable space to live, love and learn together. Surround yourself with the simple pleasures of natural fibres, beautiful design and uplifting scents. Hopestore offers a range of recycled, biodegrabale, non-toxic and allergy-free products for your home


Increase your understanding

More ways to expand your mind


Show someone you care

At hopestore it’s easy to show that you care. You can buy a gift, send a voucher, support a social enterprise or do your bit for the environment.


Get back to basics with natural products and simple routines

We have been told we need lots of expensive products to look good and feel confident. We have a habit of paying too much for products that deliver too little. Hopestore shows you what is in a product, how it can benefit you and helps you discover what works for you. We sell products made with high quality and pure ingredients. If it contains chemicals we let you know so you have the power to choose. Feel confident and beautiful with Hopestore's range of natural and organic personal care products.