Underarm stick – Original Pitstop Power

Guys and gals can expect to smell great all day thanks to the zesty blend of organic tea tree and lemon essential oils which act as antibacterial agents.

Switch to a natural deodorant that really works. The simple formula contains no nasty chemicals and moisturises your skin whilst neutralising body odour.

Gym instructors, massage therapists, and all walks of active life report that this deodorant works, without preventing the important bodily function of sweating. The container is reusable, and lasts for years. Refills come in biodegradable cardboard packaging. Simply melt the refill block down and pour into your original container. Or, you could just buy the refills alone, without the need for plastic at all. This deodorant is not tested on animals. Can be rubbed onto your armpits and smoothed in with your fingertips OR melted and poured into a clean, dry twist-up deodorant container.



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Remember to store in an air-tight container if using as a block to stop it drying out. However if it does dry out you can just scrape of the edges and keep using it. PLEASE follow your garment maufacturer's washing guidelines for wax/oil stains and be aware that precious materials like silk may get permanently stained.

Certified Organic COCONUT OIL, Certified Organic BEESWAX, Certified Organic TAPIOCA STARCH, Certified Organic TEA TREE and LEMON ESSENTIAL OILS and Naturally Sourced SODIUM BICARBONATE.

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No known harmful chemicals identified.

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Dundeidn based PITSTOP POWER is proudly NZ Owned, operated and locally made.

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