Freeset Bag – Forever

  • Organic

Fair-Trade 100% Organic Cotton Canvas bag with handle. Available in blue, green and red.

Made in India by a women who has chosen to regain control of her life. This product is part of her journey to freedom. She is a beacon of hope to her friends and neighbours still trapped in prostitution. When you buy this bag you support a women to receive a fair wage which means she can: support her family financially, give her family better nutrition, support her childrens' education, live in a trusting community, receive healthcare and save for the future.

Bag (h x w x d) 38 x 42 x 14 cm, Handle (w x loop) 5 x 61 cm. Padded front made from recycled Saris. Charcoal gray organic cotton lining. Folded canvas handles. Zipped pocket in lining. Simple 2-pouch pocket in lining. Photo indicative only – Sari design will differ e.g. if you choose Green, the Sari design will have green shades.



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Product Features

Made in West Bengal, India. The cotton is dyed using a 100% organic process that doesn't pollute waterways or harm the environment. The Kolkata Facility uses water-based inks for screen printing, avoiding exposure to harmful petrochemicals and compounds.

100% organic cotton canvas, recycled Sari padding, zip.

  • Hand Made
  • Landfill Offset
  • Recycled Material

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No known harmful chemicals identified.

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