Flip-flop – Blackout – Regular

Top quality flip-flops made from recycled ocean plastic (black).

Subs aim to prevent and reduce plastic waste by transforming it into high-performance, recycled plastic flip-flops. They are comfortable to wear, highly durable, upcycable and environmentally friendly.

Available in: 41/42 (US 9, 27.5cm), 43/44 (US 10/11, 28.5cm), 45/46 (US 12, 29.5cm)



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Product Features

No known official certifcation for this product.

This is a high quality, choice product.

100% Recycled Plastic Soles, Recycable PVC Strap.

  • Landfill Offset
  • NZ Owned
  • Recycled Material

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No known harmful chemicals identified.

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