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More than just a day


Written by Hopestore

Take a moment and honor all mothers (and of course grandmothers) for such a great job they have done or still are doing.


What we do as mothers is often underappreciated and underestimated. I used to own a small boutique hotel and a dive shop on an island off the coast of Honduras. I was a full-time hotel manager and dive instructor but also had my kids with me while living on site. They had a nanny but at 4 pm she would go home and I had to stop all the hotel work to hang out with my kids until bedtime. Then I would start work again; admin, emails, accounts, website, marketing etc.

The kids and I did have a great time in the evenings and weekends swimming, playing on the beach, drinking virgin pina coladas and playing with the neighbors kids. But I always had this feeling that I wasn’t doing a good job at either of my two jobs. I felt that I could not give my all to the hotel and at the same time be an attentive, caring mother to my children all the time. I felt split in two. At times, after a full day managing the hotel and staying up late working, I was exhausted. There were times after the nanny left when I became short tempered. Living life and dealing with our daily stresses makes it hard sometimes and we forget to enjoy our short precious moments together. Something we only realize once they have grown up and left home.

There are some mothers who stay home full time and don’t work outside the home. Even though this is considered a luxury in our society today, this too has its pros and cons. On the one hand mum is always there with the kids to experience all their ‘firsts’. On the other hand she just needs time to herself, to be with other adults and honour herself as a woman. The father may or may not be a team player, but in either case he is probably working to pay all the bills and so he has his own kettle of stress.

Then the children become teenagers and the battles for independence begin. Why didn’t we get the manual beforehand? I have a theory that difficult teens are there to prepare us for their departure from home. Phew, what a relief we say, but then we wonder where the time went and if we appreciated all the moments we shared together or were we too caught up in everyday mundane life?

So how do we enjoy motherhood and cherish these precious moments with our kids if we are either split in two or we are constantly doing overtime with the kids? Either way can be exhausting and before you know it they have grown up and you may have missed out on the best years you had with your kids.

I believe appreciating the small things; the little gestures, the smiles, and being grateful for them, shifts our mindset. The act of gratitude is known to bring us happiness. When we are mindful and reflect on the great moments we are having watching our kids grow up, it makes all the challenges worth the ride. Gratitude is about stopping to be present and appreciating the good things around you even when you are feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate.

For Mothers Day I honour all you mothers out there for loving your children unconditionally, always being there for them even when you needed to be there for yourself. Take this day to receive the love and feel the beauty of your creations, because if it wasn’t for you Mum, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


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Leia Cohen, Integrative Health and Movement Coach.

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