We need knowledge and wisdom to better our lives and offer our best to our loved ones.  Hopestore offers you the opportunity to challenge what you know and explore different ways of thinking and better ways of understanding.

Firstly, by knowing what is in our products, we start to appreciate the impact our consumer choices have on our health. Learning about better alternatives and how to identify them gives you back control when it comes to choices.

Secondly, independent Producers are combining modern techniques and solid research with natural ingredients, therapies and practices from ancient wisdom and multi-cultural knowledge. The result is a growing variety of superior quality Products from non-mainstream manufacturing.

Furthermore, a new type of Consumer is emerging that questions the origin and sustainability of conventional products. We want better quality, we want to know where it comes from and what’s inside. We are spurred on by the explosion of information and a growing uneasiness as to where humanity is heading.

Finally, despite the advances of technology and science, people seem to be getting sicker and suffering from more allergies, skin conditions, disease, mental health issues and stress. We all know someone whose life is affected by such an issue. Access to accurate and relevant information is key to make good individual choices that also will affect the people around us and the environment. Then only are you equipped to play your part to ensure a clean planet that will sustain future generations.


Hopestore is working towards putting together a collection of media, publications and educational resources that will enhance your understanding and insight into products. Expect an annoucement soon…


A variety of titles including healing herbs and spices, natural remedies, better living, mindfulness, DIY, gardening, entrepreneurship, social science and much more.


Gain a better understanding of current environmental and human challenges around the world.

Programmes and Courses

Learn the skills you need to empower yourself.


See how others see the world.