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  • Consumers want empirical facts empowering them to make comparisons and choices that work for them and meet their individual needs.
  • Our easy to understand product information structure offers transparent and relevant product information, benefits and uses.
  • Our product catalogue offers natural and healthier alternatives, carefully chosen for your wellbeing.
  • Public reviews, comments and shared forums of interest collaboratively provides an independent validation of products.
  • Buying ethical, being healthy and consuming with a conscience should be possible for everyone.



You know what you get and how it can benefit or potentially harm.


We only source high quality products that can deliver benefit and value.


Buying from us also helps local communities and the environment.


We will gladly replace any product that arrives faulty or damaged.

Problem Skin Pack

This pack contains natural skincare to assist in soothing, healing and repairing problematic skin conditions. The cleanser contains gentle pumice which removes dirt, oil and impurities and prepares your skin for the other ingredients to fight off acne bacteria. The toner instantly cools skin and neutralises excess oil to reduce shine and appearance of pores. The moisturiser is non-greasy to fight blemishes and acne. The Blemish/Acne gel is a pimple solver which helps heal problematic areas and repair the skin surface.
Women and Teen problem skin pack with free blemish/acne gel. Contains 200ml 2 in 1 Cleanser, 10 ml Blemish/Acne Gel, 50ml Toner and 50ml Soothing Moisturiser.
$ 66.00
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Himalayan salted popcorn

A natural wholegrain snack for the whole family.

Himalayan salted popcorn

$ 6.89
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Ointment Gift Pack

Promotes regeneration of cells, fights infection, soothes and strengthens skin. Moisturises and heals cracked, chapped and extremely dry and itchy skin. Use to treat acne, blisters, broken capillaries, bruises, cuts, eczema, minor burns, rashes, sores, sunburn, ulcers, varicose veins and wounds.

30ml of each ointment – Herbal Healing, Skin Revival, Itches and Bites Relief and Deep Tissue Repair

$ 45.00
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Home Cleaning Ultimate Pack

Everything you need to clean your home naturally.

All natural prodcuts containing 100% essential oils. Bicarb Cleaning Paste (550g), Multi-Purpose Spray (500ml), Cleaning Gel (500ml), Floor Cleaner (500ml), Toilet Bowl Cleaner (500ml), Disinfectant Spray (500ml), Timber Furniture Polishing Oil (250ml), Mould Spray ( 500ml, Air Freshener (250ml – choose from Lemon Twist, Rose Serenity or Zesty Rose), 2 x Micro Fibre Cloths – Green, 2 x Micro Fibre Cloths – Blue

$ 99.95
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Organic Rosehip Oil

Assists in restoring skin tone, softens the skin and keeps it supple and youthful. Can be used to reduce scarring and inflammation.

Anti-oxidant face and body oil which nourishes and repairs skin.

$ 24.90
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Our Vision for the hopestore consumer


Become part of a new commercial ecosystem. Learn about the multitude of superior options and products. Share your views, opinions, experiences and stories. See how your ‘dollars spent’ make a difference.


Offer what you can, no matter how humble, for the better. Moderate forums, blogs or usher at events. Volunteer your time and effort. Give advice or feedback.


Gain insight into issues that touch us all and learn how your purchasing behaviour influences it.


Get access to structured and unstructured data, information, books, courses etc, that support and underline why becoming part of what we do is worth the while for you, your health and your environment.


As a certified, qualified or accredited expert, share, impart, influence and inform others of your passion.


As part of your buying process, provide and share real-life feedback, commentary and rating of products and producers.


Make your purchases go further by buying smart and helping others. Make improved and informed choices that support the environment.


Access and benefit from our hands-on Producer Programmes to get the best products and influence best practice.


Extend the benefits of your purchasing patterns by sharing and making available selected information.