Wellington, New Zealand

Dope stuff for a good cause

Organisation: NopeSisters Clothing | How they make a difference: Creating Tee’s which start important conversations and donating profits to charities that support Kiwis through tough times. | Location: Wellington, NZ | Catalysts of change: Sisters Brittany and Johanna This social enterprise creates fashion for a cause, focusing on tees with…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 22 February, 2018

Getting back to your green zone

Our bodies were hard wired a long time ago to protect us from danger. The bear or the lion or any other predator that could eat us, was always lurking. Today our society has evolved and we no longer live in the wild with predators but our bodies haven’t. We…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 20 February, 2018

Stronger together, whatever the weather

The people we love makes life worthwhile. And when they suffer or struggle, we suffer and struggle. And we are lost for words and don’t know how to support and help them get through ok on the other side. Mental health is no longer a taboo subject, and even though…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 14 February, 2018

How often do you think about Muscle Strength?

Organisation: Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand | How they make a difference: By providing specialist information and practical support to individuals and whānau who live with rare neuromuscular conditions. They promote freedom of choice and a responsive society. | Location: National office in Auckland, 4 regional branches across NZ | Catalyst…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 06 February, 2018

Achieving goals in 2018

Reflecting on what we can change Happy New Year. I hope Christmas and New Year’s went well and you had a chance to rest after such a stressful end of year build-up. This is the time of the year we when reflect on what we could change in the year…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 15 January, 2018

A Journey to Freedom

Company: Freeset and Liminal NZ | Product: Fair-Trade Clothing & Apparel and NZ Distributor of ethical organic clothing and apparel made in India | Location: Kolkata, India and Christchurch, NZ | Catalysts of change: Kerry & Annie Hilton (Freeset) and Team Liminal   For some of us human trafficking is…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 15 December, 2017

Plastic, plastic, plastic everywhere

Company: Subs | Product: Recycled Plastic Flip-flops | Location: Christchurch, NZ | Catalyst of change: Andrew Andrew grew up in Kyle, Mid Canterbury, New Zealand in the late 1980s, with cliffs overlooking the South West Pacific Ocean. The family could already see the impact plastic waste had on the beaches,…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 12 December, 2017

Bringing Hope to those in care

Company: MALAM and Foster Hope NZ | Product: NZ made sleepwear and Gifts for children going into foster care | Location: Wellington, NZ and 8 branches across NZ | Catalyst of change: Karen & Celia (MALAM) and June (Foster Hope NZ) It’s wonderful what happens when we put our minds…

Written by Hopestore
Published on 12 December, 2017