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Eating healthy while you travel


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I’m a Mum of 3, I work full time and run a home-based business. To make sure I stayed slim, I used to run and attempted to go to the gym at least 5 times a week. But despite the high amount of physical activity, I never achieved my goal which was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Then a few years ago I learned about nutrition, that muscles are my friends and they help burn fat! I realized how important protein and amino acids are to our health.

Once I started reading food labels I discovered the nutritional gaps that cause low energy levels and compromise health. I now know how important it is to fill those gaps with high quality supplements and  the benefits of eating organic food as well as the importance of a support system. A person or group that educates you, holds you accountable and is on your side cheering you on. I started an 8 week transformation program that changed my life for good. The results were incredible – not only for my looks (I achieved my weight goal) but more importantly how I felt. My energy levels increased significantly and I had the pleasure of saying good-bye to sleepless nights. I now spend my free time sharing what I’ve learned and supporting others who are on the same journey.

Silly Season

Like most people I overindulged over the Christmas holiday I had a little bit more takeaways and alcohol than usual. Although I stayed active, I gained a few kilos. On the 15th of January I started the 8 week cycle to get me back to my normal self and set me up to continue to maintain and manage my weight. The program is based on PFC every 3.  It means we eat Protein (P), Fat (F) and Carbs (C) every 3 hours. The program is very simple, so simple that I can share with my family at home. When you  adopt this lifestyle you learn to prepare and plan your meals to the point where you have a toolkit (list of alternatives) for traveling and eating out. After almost two years on this journey I’ve learned how to eat well when I’m away from home.

This month was one of the busiest I’ve had in a while. I had my normal job, my eldest daughter’s birthday, gym sessions, school meetings, extra school activities and a couple of business trips overseas.  When I’m away I plan my ‘in between meals’ and leave the main meals for restaurants where I normally order eggs or chicken (my favourite form of protein), avocado (fat), salads and gluten free bread (carbs). For this trip I packed my protein shakes to drink as morning tea. I have chosen a perfectly balanced shake. It has the right amount of protein, fat, carbs, probiotics, very low sugar/stevia and fibre. I chose this one because its special protein blend keeps me satisfied for longer, the whole 3 hours. Big tick on that front, however I knew that on the go it was not going to be easy to prepare a shake so I needed to find alternatives.

Home-made Protein balls

I have a really good recipe for home-made protein balls, this time I added a very special ingredient, Maca powder. I love home-made treats, made with organic products. I know what has been put into them and have certainty that I’m staying on plan. To make my protein balls, I added 1 scoop of protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, rolled oats and 1 spoon of Maca powder. I packed those in my bag and had them handy for situations where I knew I could get caught with no healthy options. Particularly at airports while waiting to board etc. Combining the benefit of my protein shake, knowing that I am protecting and building muscle to ensure my body burns fat while adding the magic of Maca powder to give me extra energy, improve my mood and memory (plus other benefits you may want to research) is extremely rewarding. I knew I wasn’t going to have enough for the whole trip, they are so delicious that I ate them in two meals.

Protein Cookie

My second alternative is protein bars. I look for protein bars that are balanced and can be used as a meal replacement. I normally check for 21 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat and 14 of carbs on the label.  This time I tried to find other alternatives and I decided to try . They had about the right amount of protein (19 grams) and fat (14 grams), but no carbs.  They looked even smaller than the protein bars and I was concerned about the low carb and the sweeteners used, which could cause bloating.  I’m so glad I packed them because breakfast on the plane didn’t look too appealing. The muesli is packed with sugar and the scrambled eggs are quite milky. I would have gone for eggs if I didn’t have any other alternative since my  only hard rule is… I don’t starve! The cookie was my best possible alternative, it tasted delicious and more importantly it was very practical. I’m about to land in Sydney after a 3 hour flight and I know I have a full tummy, and I’m looking forward to a prepared balanced meal when I get to my hotel.  The cookie did the trick, although I think of it as a treat, as if I was eating some candy or a chocolate bar.

Managing your weight

If you are trying to manage your weight, look for balanced options and always read the labels. The ingredients may cause you bloating, inflammation and/or water retention, just check. Assess the situation, be pragmatic in your approach and always go for home-made balanced treats as your first option. Failing that look for the best possible alternative that fits the situation you’re in. Be proud of the nutritional learnings that come with every decision you make. At the end of the day, it’s all about improving your health one day at the time.

If you follow a system that relies on real food to help you take control of your health make sure you plan your meals, find support and the best quality ingredients and supplements. After all, the best project you can ever work on is YOU!

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Camila Ellis

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